RealityServer® Client

RealityServer® Client API

The RealityServer Client API is a lightweight, modern JavaScript client library to connect to and render using migenius's RealityServer®.

Supported Environments

The API supports any JavaScript ES6 environment that provides a W3C WebSocket API implementation. This includes all evergreen desktop browsers, most mobile browsers and Node.js >= 6.5 (with an appropriate WebSocket module like websocket). The most notable exclusion is IE 11 which supports WebSockets but not ES6. If you need support for IE 11 it is recommended to transpile the API down to ES5.

RealityServer® 5.2 2272.266 or later is required.


For native browser usage download via CDN:

<script src=''></script>

or unminified

<script src=''></script> 

Although for mission critical deployments it is recommended you serve the client API yourself.

For Node.js and bundlers simply install the modue:

$ npm install @migenius/realityserver-client

Next steps

See the Getting Started tutorial to get connected and start rendering. API documentations begins with the RS.Service class which provides the main entry point into the API. The Concepts tutorial covers some basic RealitServer® concepts and Migration provides information on migrating legacy code to the new API.

Note that this documentation should be read in conjuction with the RealityServer® documentation.


The RealityServer® Client repository can be found on GitHub.

Sample applications


A RealityServer Extras add-on package is available to assist in manipulating scene elements.